Moon Puppet – 2d & 3d Animation

I used 3ds Max to create this mostly 2d animation. Music credit goes to “Smerkcircus” a user and contributor at

All the 2d elements in this short animation are drawings mapped to planes. Almost all the planes are perpendicular to the camera, with the exception of the floor which is horizontal with a slight angle (allowing for shadows to fall on it). The 2d character was rigged in a linked chain fashion and I animated the visibility to hide/show the required facing of a pose. I considered using IK chains for the arms, but for this case, creating IK chains and constraints as well as having to switch between forward and inverse kinematics would have just over complicated the controls.


The drawing style is influenced by the illustrations of Edward Gorey. The tone of the animation itself turned out to be more darker than I originally envisioned. I originally planned to do a dark yet lighthearted animation in a gothic, Edwardian setting. The concept evolved as I worked on it and become more of a black humour piece.