Henry V – Animation

I had a chance to work with a motion capture solution by iPi Soft while at school. The setup utilized two Kinect cameras and the software outputted a BVH file, that I used as a basis for this short animation. The motion capture data required some cleanup and further animation refinements were added in a layered manner. I also utilized a face rig in conjunction with morph targets in order to animate the face in synch to an audio track. The audio is from Kenneth Branagh’s film version of Henry V.

While the short animation utilized a high poly model (14786 triangles), I modified the model for use in Unity 3d. The lower poly version has 7848 triangles. This video shows the walk, run, backwards walk, attack and strafing animation.

The 3d model of Henry V can be viewed with most web browsers via the p3d website:
King Henry V